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I'm Fil.

I build
apps for iOS and the web.


Here's what I've been working on.

Villain Cuts Website

A website for a small business built with React where users can contact the hair stylist for an appointment and learn more about the business. MaterialUI, a React design library, was used to give the website a consistent, attractive theme.

Intertek Choking Hazard Form

An iOS application I helped develop during my time at Intertek, allowing medical professionals to log injury data from patients and consumer products they used. I designed the initial UI of the app and implemented the camera feature and speech-to-text conversion using the iOS Speech API.

GitHub Followers

An iOS application built using Swift as part of an iOS course by Sean Allen that I took to improve my skills. The app allows the user to seach a GitHub account's follower list and get more information about the follower such as the amount of repositories, their follower list, and go to their profile. The app uses the GitHub API to fetch user data.


An iOS game built using Swift. Users press a button as many times as they can in a minute and try to achieve a high score. The UI was built programmatically with Swift following the MVC architecture. UserDefaults was used to keep track of the high score even when the user exited the app.

About Me.

Let me tell you my story.

I am a software developer who enjoys building modern, clean, and accessible applications for the web and iOS.

I have experience creating websites for small businesses using modern web technologies such as React, as well as creating iOS applications using Swift at larger companies.

The tech I like to use:





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